Tips For The Best Iron Swing This Season

27th August 2019

How you strike your irons can be the decider between your best and worst rounds this season. Whether you are hitting a 4-iron long shot or a 9-iron near shot you will need the techniques to achieve your best iron swings for the 2019 golf season. Here are some great tips:

Ball Position – The higher you need to hit the ball, the further forward it should be in your stance. The ball should ideally be 2-3 inches behind your left heel, and you should imaging sweeping the ball when you swing.

Fairway Bunker Shots – Make sure your feet are settled into the sand and that you grip down a little on the shaft. Maintain your height throughout the shot and focus on the front of the ball. Make an easy swing and avoid scooping. There is no denying that the fairway bunker is a professional yet tricky shot but there is no reason why you can’t master it like the pros!

Yardage – You should take the time to find out your yardage. Hit a dozen balls on the practice range to establish your average distance using each club. Try mixing the shots up with downwind shots, into the wind etc and be sure to make notes of the results. Being armed with this knowledge will help to improve your game play.

Rhythm – Reproduce short iron rhythm to achieve long iron glory. Grip your 4-iron slightly down the shaft, then grip a bit higher like with a 5-iron and smoothly swing it. Then try to grip the handle at the top using the same rhythm.

Tee – You should always use a tee where possible on par-3 holes using a long iron. You will have a fair chance of making a solid shot if you use a tee, particularly into wind.

Legs – Leg movement can hinder your strike and a common handicap golfer error is to use their knees for leverage when chasing into a long iron shots. Keeping your legs out of it will ensure you maintain your height and help you achieve the perfect swinging action.