Achieving The Perfect Golf Grip

8th May 2019

It's often said, and it often rings true - if your grip is bad, your swing will also be bad. It may sound like the simplest thing, but your grip on your club is very important. Here we give a simple, straight forward step by step guide to perfecting your golf grip:

Place your club in your left hand, gripping at around half an inch from the end. The grip of the club should go from the middle of your index finger to the bottom of your little finger. The heel of your hand should be at the top of the handle, with you still being able to see the tip.

Position your club in front of you, horizontal to the ground and at waist level.

Look down - if more than 2 and a half of your knuckles on your left hand are visible, you are said to be in too strong a position. Less than 2 and a half, and you are in too weak a position - 2 and a half is considered neutral. This is what you are aiming for.

Place the heel of your right hand over your left thumb and close your right hand so it is covering your left.

So, there you have the basics. Now, moving on to type of grip. There are 3 main types - the ten finger, interlocking, overlapping.

  • Ten finger - Not a professional grip, but handy for a new comer. All ten fingers are on the club and is particularly suitable if a player has smaller hands.
  • Interlocking grip - Same as the ten finger grip, but you interlock one of your little fingers with the index finger of the other hand, bringing them closer together.
  • Overlapping - Probably the most common grip, and great for a golfer with larger hands. It involves positioning the little finger of one hand and putting it in between your index and middle fingers of the other hand.

Remember, everyone is different and what suits you may not suit someone else, but hopefully this guide will get you off to a good start!