Pitch Shots and Chip Shots - What's the Difference?

15th April 2019

Pitch Shots and Chip Shots - What's the Difference?

Short shorts are vital to your game. Long shots may travel further but mastering those short shots can really make a difference. There are two different types of short shot - a pitch shot and a chip shot - each come in handy at the appropriate times. But what are they, and what are the differences between them?

Chip Shot:

This is a low shot that doesn't travel far through the air - it rolls farther than it flies.

Typically, a player will aim for a point short of the hole, allowing the ball to roll the rest of the way. Obviously, this will depend on where the hole is and the angle of the green along the path of the ball.

To achieve a chip shot, you should stand with most of your weight over your front foot. Take your club back a short way - exactly how far would depend on how far you wish to hit the ball - and hit the ball at a descending angle, making sure you follow through.

A range of clubs are used to hit a chip shot. Lofted clubs are often used, as are a middle or long iron if you need to roll the ball a long distance.

Pitch Shot:

This is a high shot - it flies further than is rolls.

Typically, you will use a pitch shot if there is something stopping you from chipping the ball, or when the ball is too far away for a chip shot.

To achieve a pitch shot, you should angle your club face slightly to the right (if you're right handed) as you're looking down at the club. pull your hands back to around hip-height, and swing through, making sure you follow through completely.

Lofted clubs are used to hit pitch shots. A pitching wedge is used for longer shots.