Should You Consider A Pre-Shot Routine

12th March 2019

Let's be honest, most of us golfers don’t have any kind of routine before taking a shot. Certainly not in a pre-planned, thought out way, in any case. But what if I told you that perfecting the right pre-shot routine could lower your scores? No routine, or one that is either too short or too long, can have a detrimental effect. The important thing is to develop one that works for you.

There are many moments during a game when nerves can get the better of you, or a few bad shots can really knock you off your game. A pre-shot routine can help with all of this, keeping you focused and calm before every shot you take. Here are a few points to consider when developing a suitable routine:

First of all, your whole routine doesn't have to be long. Over-thinking can actually have a negative effect on your game. Keep it brief and keep it simple.

Start by thinking about your target. Again, you don't have to stand there thinking about it for a long time. The longer you stand there thinking, the more chance of negative thoughts creeping in.

Take a few practice shots. As many as you feel you need to, but two or three should be enough.

Alignment - Next you should carefully line up your shot. Then, go ahead and swing.

Keep it brief - a short, easily repeatable routine is all you need.

A pre-shot routine won't dramatically keep lowering your scores, but it may help keep them that bit lower and consistent. The best way to improve your mental game is to have a regular pre-shot routine, as with no routine at all your focus, and even your positive attitude may be at risk. Keep it brief, keep it simple, and keep it the same. Good luck!