Your New Year Golfing Resolutions

10th January 2019

Want to improve your game in 2019? Here are some ideas for that New Year's resolution that could see you at the top of your game.

  • Improve your mental game - Positive mental attitude is the key! We've all had a nightmare game, but the trick is not to let one bad game lead to a run of bad games. Shrug off those bad rounds and start each game afresh, in a positive state of mind and believing in your own ability. The results will speak for themselves.
  • Avoid those injuries - It's a horrible feeling when all of your buddies are off to play a round and you're left behind due to some niggling injury. Warm ups are essential to avoiding injury and being generally fit will also be a great help. A little exercise off the course could work wonders on it!
  • Set a new handicap target - All golfers want to see their game improve, and a reduced handicap is the most obvious sign of that happening. The best thing to do is to set yourself a realistic target, giving you something to work towards and a real sense of achievement once you reach that special number.
  • Try something new - Every player has their own favourite local course or courses. But it is possible to become too comfortable, and 2019 could be the year to test yourself. With so many courses up and down the country, why not find some new territory to explore, and perhaps even improve your game in the process.
  • Play, play and play some more! - As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect, so why not make your resolution simply to play more golf? However many games you managed to fit in last year, try and beat it in 2019