Christmas Gifts For A Golf Lover

6th December 2018

Winter isn't the best time of year for the golf lover in your life, as the weather makes playing less enjoyable or sometimes even impossible. How about cheering them up with the perfect golf-related gift? Keep reading for some top tips:

Accessories - A golf jumper or trousers would make a fantastic gift for a loved one, providing you are sure of their size and taste. If not, and you don't feel confident enough to choose a ball or pair of gloves, then a decent golf towel is always appreciated. Or even a book on the subject if you are unsure about anything else

Golf lessons - Even the most experienced player would appreciate some time with a professional, particularly during the winter months when there aren't as many opportunities to play

Tickets to an event - There are many events scheduled throughout the year, why not choose the one closest to the recipient? You may even benefit from this gift too, enjoying a day or even a couple of days of golf in the sunshine!

Golfing magazine subscription - There are a range of monthly magazines that offer interesting insights and perspectives on the game of golf, any golfer would thoroughly enjoy flicking through a glossy once a month

Golf Insurance - Something a lot of people don't think of but can give the golfer in your life huge peace of mind. And at around £25 per year, it's really affordable too.

So, the golf lover in your life can celebrate their hobby even at Christmas!