Tips For Playing Golf In The Wet Weather

14th November 2018

Are you one of those golfers who checks the weather forecast before they decide to play? And would you decide against a round of golf if you thought you'd get caught in a downpour? Some of us are perfectly happy to play through any condition, come rain or shine. But for those of us who are a bit more wary of being soaked through, here are some tips for surviving the wet weather while enjoying your game.

Wear waterproofs! - A good rain suit will probably cost a pretty penny, but it is definitely a worthwhile investment. Discounted brands are rarely as good as the real thing, and no one wants to get soaked through within the first ten minutes so spending a bit more is the way to go when it comes to rain suits. A good pair of rain gloves will improve your grip in the wet weather, and a rain hat is also a good idea. Water proof shoes are also essential, and surprisingly not all golf shoes are waterproof. The same applies for golf bags - it's worth checking before you buy.

Bring an umbrella - Although useless in the windy weather or if you are in a cart, an umbrella will most certainly come in handy if you are walking and get caught in a sudden shower.

Bring spares - A few extra golf balls, another scorecard in case the first one falls apart in the rain, even a spare change of clothes for that post-game drink.

Adjust - Wet sands and greens can make things more difficult. Hit your putts a little firmer as wet greens will run slower than normal. Shots from wet sand tend to fly further than normal, so slow the pace down.

Keep them covered - No one wants to play with wet slippery golf clubs, so keep them covered with the rain hood that came with your golf bag

Most importantly, make sure you keep a positive attitude and enjoy your game!