A Good Mattress - The Cure For After Golf Back Problems?

8th October 2018

As a physically challenging game, golf can have many health benefits - for your heart, your weight, and your sleep. But as in any other sport, it can cause some problems, namely with a golfer's back. A player suffering from a chronic spinal condition may be put off from the game as the pain will inevitably affect their ability to play.

A good mattress can be essential to caring for your spine. Sleep specialists recommend that there should be no pressure on your hips, shoulders, ankles and neck, and that your spine should be in alignment with the rest of your body if you are to get a healthy night's sleep. With that in mind, here are some pointers on what to look for when choosing an appropriate mattress:

Firmness - Back problems require enough firmness to provide support, yet enough softness to provide comfort. Memory foam mattress are recommended for this, particularly the three-layered memory foam core mattresses. These can provide the right amount of support to people with back problems as the foam follows the shape of your body

Size - Assuming you don't sleep alone, a queen or king size mattress is your best option. These allow you enough space to adopt your favourite sleeping position and find comfort for a good night's sleep

Technology - You are now able to purchase mattresses with smart apps that control the bedroom environment. Apps such as Eight Sleep Tracker allow you to analyze your sleep and look at the changes you must make to have a better night. A mineral-based fibre in the mattress cover called Celliant converts extra body heat into infrared energy to improve blood circulation and relieving back pain.