Tips For The Junior Golfer

6th September 2018

Are you a younger golfer who wants to improve their game? We have some tips just for you

Have a pre-shot routine - This will make sure you are ready to take your shot when it gets to your turn. Many young golfers rush when it gets to their turn, hitting the ball as quickly as possible. The key is to slow down, which in turn will make your game faster and more accurate. A good pre-shot routine would be to walk slowly up to your ball and visualise where you want to hit it. Adjust your feet and body until you feel comfortable, have another look at your target and then take your swing.

Make sure you set up properly - This includes your posture, ensuring your knees are slightly bent and your shoulders are square. Check your alignment and the position of your ball, and your grip. Hold your club in your fingertips with consistent pressure. You should hold your club firmly with the last three fingers of your front hand.

Practice your putting - Line up your eyes over the ball, with your head and lower body very still. Keep your wrists firm and use a short stroke with a long follow through. Remember, the length of the stroke, the terrain and weather conditions will all affect your shot.

Hitting a drive - The key here is to start a slow back swing along target line with your extended left arm, then to shift your weight to the right and bring the club parallel to the ground. You should then shift your weight back to your left on the downswing, turning your left hip out of the way to balance the finish.