Tips For Playing Golf In The Sun

9th August 2018

Hot weather can bring its own set of problems to a golfer, from the trivial issues such as hands that are too sweaty to grip, to the more serious problems such as sunstroke. Here are some tips on how to enjoy your game during the heatwave.

Wear sun cream - This may seem obvious, but it really is vital. Even if it's overcast, wearing sun cream is essential to prevent burning. It is also good practice to use a lip balm.

Drink plenty of fluids - Drinking plenty is even more vital when the temperatures are high. Energy or sports drinks can give you caffiene/sugar 'spikes', leaving you tired once these have worn off, so it is best to stick with plain water, drinking little and often. Aim for around a litre of fluid per round.

Hats and glasses - A good cap will keep the sun out of your face as well as protecting it from sunburn. It can also soak up some of the sweat from your head. A good pair of sunglasses can prevent any glare from the sun.

Use a trolley - Carrying a golf bag is the last thing you'd want to be doing in this hot weather. You would be carrying your equipment - plus extra water and snacks - for miles around the course. Hiring a trolley, or buying your own electric or push trolley, can really save you energy needed for your game.

Snacks - You lose essential salts and sugars from your body as you sweat, so it is important to stay fueled! Chocolate has a short-term effect so it is better to go for slow release foods such as bananas and trail mix to keep your energy up. Make sure you eat as you move around the golf course.